Outstanding, Soulful Music Performance

Solo Event Singer

Elevate your celebration with the soulful stylings of versatile singer-pianist, James Junior. Enjoy as this much sought-after performer delivers well-known songs of varying styles and eras, stripped-back and performed in his own individual style.

Style & Equipment

James consistently wows audiences as he lays down velvety smooth vocals over an accomplished piano accompaniment, conveyed in a confident yet easy manner, that only manifests itself through decades of live performance experience. Whether it’s the heartfelt tones of a soul classic or the upbeat rhythm of a contemporary pop hit, James will tailor his performance to deliver the perfect ambience for any occasion. With a curated repertoire that spans decades and genres, James’ mission before leaving any performance is to have each guest utter the phrase “I love this song!”. Let this talented performer weave a stylish tapestry of music that conjures a unique atmosphere for your event.

Beyond the fabulous music, this singer-pianist brings a level of professionalism and versatility that sets the stage for a seamless experience for all involved. In the lead up to your event, James will use the benefit of his experience in a one-to-one meeting to guide you through all the necessary requirements for integrating his performance with your vision for the occasion.

Fully self-contained, he will bring all the equipment needed for his performance including a full sized, 88-key piano keyboard and 2000W PA system. For an added touch of glamor, you can also opt for James to perform with his beautiful grand piano shell, which is available on request. Whether accompanying a bride down the aisle or entertaining employees at a corporate dinner, James’ heart-warmingvocals and soulful renditions will elevate a joyous occasion to an unforgettable one. As the celebration continues, this exceptional singing piano player seamlessly transitions between genres and tempos, introducing drum beats and other instruments into his performance. Offering both acoustic renditions and incorporating a loopstation and backing tracks, James will create an eclectic, musical journey that captivates guests and energises the room.

Available for

Corporate Events

Private Parties


Live Looping

The Piano Singer - Looper
The Piano Singer - Looper

Live Looping

Separating himself from the competition, James uses the RC-505 loopstation; a device that allows him to incorporate live-looping into his performances. Audiences watch and listen in amazement as he adds beatboxing, percussion and other instruments on the fly, creating a vibe and energy that’s almost palpable.



When booking with The Piano Singer you’re placing yourself in an experienced pair of hands, with over 20 years in the business providing live music for thousands of events. We make the journey to creating the perfect occasion entirely hassle-free, because we know you already have enough to think about.

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