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Piano Shell Rental

Piano Shell rental in Bedfordshire, Bucks, Northamptonshire & Hertfordshire for your events.

Piano Shell with or without performer

Our baby grand piano shell is now available to hire on its own, or can be added as an option when booking James Junior as a solo performer as well as his band 3 Times Soulful.

You might think that because there isn’t a piano at your chosen venue, you can’t recreate the same visual appeal that comes with having a musician sat behind a grand piano when in fact, you can! Using a piano shell couldn’t be easier, it can be set up in minutes and just requires an electric keyboard to be placed inside it. Using a piano shell is a great alternative to an acoustic grand piano as you get all the aesthetic benefits without the difficulty of transportation or added expense.

The Piano Singer - Repertoire
The Piano Singer - Repertoire
The Piano Singer - Piano Shell

What is a piano shell?

The piano shell is a really clever piece of equipment, because it genuinely looks like a grand piano but is actually an elaborate stand for the performing musician to place their electric keyboard inside. Our shell is the same classic gloss black that you would expect to find on a concert instrument. Made from ultra-light polyester and aluminium and fitted with ergonomic carry grips, the shell is easily carried and super easy to transport. It can be set up in minutes by simply straightening the three foldable legs and standing it up. Once erected, the shell accommodates most electric keyboards and stage pianos which can just be placed inside. This video shows how to assemble the shell.

This beautiful piano shell adds a feel of luxury and elegance to any event and is so realistic, most people find it indistinguishable from the real thing! A glamorous accessory that is great for a whole host of applications including weddings, concerts, video shoots, theatre productions, school plays, dinner parties and much more…


Piano shell dimensions:

  • OUTSIDE WIDTH: 146 cm,
  • INSIDE WIDTH: 142 cm
  • DEPTH: 100 cm,
  • INSIDE DEPTH: 45 cm
  • HEIGHT: 25 cm,
  • INSIDE HEIGHT: 18 cm


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my keyboard fit inside the piano shell?

As mentioned, the shell is large enough for most keyboards to fit comfortably inside. However, just to make sure, we recommend you check the dimensions of your keyboard to ensure it is less than 142cm wide.

Will the shell fit inside my car?

The shell will fit inside the back of most medium to large sized hatchback vehicles with the seats folded down. Just measure your vehicle to make sure it can accommodate the Outside Width and Depth listed below.

Can you deliver?

Delivery can be arranged within Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire and also beyond. For a specific quote including delivery, get in contact today...


When booking with The Piano Singer you’re placing yourself in an experienced pair of hands, with over 20 years in the business providing live music for thousands of events. We make the journey to creating the perfect occasion entirely hassle-free, because we know you already have enough to think about.

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