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A Live Music Lookback. TPS @ The Bear Club Nov 2021

The Return of Live Music
Live music at a great venue with a great mix of people in the crowd, there is nothing quite like it! As an audience member I have enjoyed so many great live music experiences over the last 20 years. From hearing the iconic sounds of Stevie Wonder at the O2, eating a meal and experiencing Robert Glasper at London’s Ronnie Scott’s, through to  even being blessed enough to be able to visit a Sunday church service in The Bronx NYC. What a moment, to be moved and uplifted by the resident multi generational local gospel choir. I recognise that the bringing together of great musicians at a cool and unique venue simply cannot be beaten. So when I got a call from Justin who runs The Bear Club (one of the most exciting music venues in the UK) to launch my EP with a team of great friends who also happen to be excellent musicians I was thrilled!!!!
Justin set up this centre for live music in 2014 and in 2019 the venue won 24th place in a list of best jazz venues to visit across the world.
So I set about preparing for the event by booking some of the best musicians I know, who are also members of The Piano Singer Team.
When it came to planning a set list, I wanted a mix of my new work and some songs I simply love. This included opening with my song “You Already Know”  the title track from my EP “ALL IN” (link to link tree/spotify?). To hear the work as live music and feel it spring to life, supported by the The Bear Club‘s excellent sound engineer  even made sound check good fun!
My journey through old and new much loved classics, included Stop This Flame by Celeste and the song which has by far become the most popular video on my Youtube channel  Make you Feel My Love made famous by Adele – Not quite so easy to get tickets to see her performing live music!
The show sold out a week before the event, proving that live music is back! Many people are ready to go out again and enjoy a good time. The cool jazz bar vibe at The Bear club along with the friendly staff team and intimate setting in my opinion, is one of the best places to do so. So check out the events they have lined up or how to become a member here.
I grew up close to The Bear Club so I had the pleasure of lots of friends and family and familiar faces who have watched and supported my journey coming out to show support  last Friday. I cant lie, it was a  bit awkward when I launched into a fictional humorous song I wrote titled Viagra… but it was nice to generate some laughs and smiles from my nearest and dearest as well as the clubs regular members and people who I’d never met before!!
My favourite surprise was introducing my son JJ to the stage for his first ever gig to accompany me on a song written about him called Better Man.
At 16 years old he walked on seemingly full of confidence (later admitting he felt more than a little anxious and uncertain) completely owning his part on keys and weaving himself into the band as if he had always been part of it! Super proud Dad moment!
We ended the show with some crowd participation (why not?!) with everyone in the place offering their voice  to George Benson’s On Broadway.
What Now?
So when is the next live music offering from myself and the rest of The Piano Singer Team? Well at this point in time we are making some calls and exploring where to take it next. We will most likely head to a couple of London venues, but truly CANNOT WAIT to be asked back to The Bear Club. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
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