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Event supplier required? Read about my favourites.

Anyone working hard to secure the perfect event supplier for a special occasion, knows that reliable people who communicate with you well, and are highly skilled at all they do, is everything! This is the simple criteria to help you feel confident about the success of your big day, or celebratory evening.
Working as an events supplier myself for the last 15 years, I have come across a variety of great people. Those people have lovingly built a small business, which offers quality products or experiences to many satisfied clients. They stood out to me as a team member that is simply providing excellence to others and who really takes pride in their work. This being the week of love, I thought it would be nice to show some love to some of those events suppliers that I have seen first hand, offering excellence throughout the UK, at events I have been working at too.
None of the events suppliers mentioned have funded this blog! In fact none of them knew they were included until publication day! I just thought that a bit of a steer to anyone following or booking me, on other great suppliers that might add to their event, may be appreciated.
So here are my personal favourites, the links to their business, and a brief summary of why I think they are fantastic!

A Venue I love!

Why? I have worked at so many venues now, however this one is my favourite! There are many reasons for this but I will focus on two. The first, the most important one, is the team! I am always so welcomed here! People do what they say will do, people show kindness, commitment and understanding and there is something great about knowing as you drive to a venue, that the place always runs so smoothly! You are in safe hands at this venue in my experience. My second reason… Its a stunning building! The surroundings are perfect at this place, but the people are the reason it is my number one choice!

A Cake Supplier I love!

A beautiful new design from Little Barn Cakes
Why? The cakes are show stopping AND award winning! They are the kind of cakes that when you study the detail and realise that what you thought was something else, is actually delicately crafted icing, you feel like your eyes deceived you. Debbie, the owner of the business and immensely talented baker and artist is so kind and attentive. She is a reliable and hard working event supplier. I so admired the work of Debbie that I could not have had anything else but one of her creations at my own wedding! If you require a tasty, beautiful cake she is definitely the person to help you!

A DJ Service I love!

Why? A professional and reliable event supplier who goes above and beyond. Mike will tap into your style and genres and ensure you have the party you always imagined for your guests. His love of technology means the sound will be high quality and also that his website for understanding what he offers is also current and user friendly. Having watched Mike in action, I have no hesitation in naming Amplified discos as the DJ service that must be checked out!
Amplified Discos ready to get the party started.

A Photography Service I love!

Why? I met Matt once, at an event a few years ago. He was warm and approachable, but most importantly he took a photo of me performing at the wedding we were both working at, and to this day it remains as my favourite in action shot. He is a superb photographer and having corresponded with him since and explored his work on his website, as event suppliers go, he is without a doubt one to contact!
A photograph of James by Matt Tyler
Matt Tyler Photography at work! – My favourite image.

A Gospel Choir I love!

Why? Well not just because I have performed as part of Get Gospel for years, and because the team are genuine friends, enjoy their work and know their stuff. I also feel that this particular vocal harmony group create a ceremony and event experience that move people. If you really want your guests to feel joy, to be moved, and for them to be left talking about the experience of your big event long after its over, then this is the event supplier that can provide that in a way that no other supplier can match. If you explore some of the Get Gospel Youtube videos you will hopefully get a sense of all that they can provide.

An Entertainment Agency I love!

Why? Clear communication, a friendly team and a very experienced organisation. Alive Network is a place where anyone planning their event can find an array of event suppliers to meet all kinds of needs. It also provides great inspiration for anyone unsure about what exactly will work well. So whether you need a campervan bar, a caricaturist or a table magician, I’m fairly sure these guys will do their best to find the right thing!
An experienced high quality, professional event supplier allows you, the organiser, to relax somewhat knowing that you have a quality team member to depend on. If your event is outdoors, don’t forget to check out our post on delivering successful outdoor events to further assist in the perfect day or night!
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