The Piano Singer - All In EP

ALL IN EP by James Junior – A Piano Singer Secret

James Junior– The creator of The Piano Singer has a story to tell…. It’s titled ‘ALL IN’.
It’s been a while! Where have I been? Can I share a secret?

Predictably, like a loaded spring we position ourselves ready to deal with a summer calendar filled with not just this year’s events but most of last year’s on top!
So before we are lost in the doing, I wanted to take a moment to let you in on some very special news….
When the calls started coming in this time last year from you all to tell me your event was not happening, when the news kept updating us on the real life movie script we found ourselves in, like many of you I had little time to dwell on the shock. With a key worker wife and children in need of schooling The Piano Singer became The Teacher Dad with successful moments mixed in with nightmare days. Also like many of you, as we got used to the rhythm of our new lives an opportunity emerged, one that without lockdown happening the time to snatch and grab it would most likely have never happened.
Was your moment a chance to read more? To learn to grow food? To finish the jobs around the house?
Mine was developing my own music and creating ALL IN.
Songs I had written years ago, programmes and equipment I’d been messing about with for years, could finally receive my attention. I buried myself in my home studio we were lucky enough to build 3 years ago. I spent many days and nights in lockdown playing, experimenting and tweaking songs. An avid student at the school of YouTube where dedicated folks in the know helpfully teach you tips and tricks that tech manuals just can’t.
The end result is being birthed today 19th March 2021, with the release of ALL IN my debut EP.

James Junior All In promo
The Piano Singer is an incredible part of my life. The business allows me an opportunity to be invited in on your most precious moments and to help you make your event special. In turn, it also allows me to support my family. However, a year without The Piano Singer and a chance to focus on ALL IN has meant that a background dream of an EP to be proud of can now take centre stage.
With the attention of BBC introducing and the launch of my new artist web page why not check out my other life as James Junior? Everything but the guitars, a trumpet solo and a bit of help with mastering has been created by yours truly. I wrote, sang, played, recorded, produced and mixed this work throughout 2020. Why? To prove to myself I can do it, and to give you all something to enjoy…. so enjoy! –  looking forward to seeing you any day now!  James.

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